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What is a colour consultancy

We have all had that moment when we decide to decorate and think …

how hard can it be?

Should you go for Elephants Tears or Doves Eyelashes?

God forbid you decorate and don’t like it! So How can you be sure? Well at PICK we know exactly what we are doing. Thanks to a background of years working with Light and space, Flick Knows exactly which shades work together and will work best for your home or workplace.


In HomeConsultations are charged by the hour at £150.

This typically equates to £30 to £40 per room for expert advice on the colours, finishes and if required quantities of paint.

Virtual appointments are charged at £35 per room.

Far more cost effective than an interior designer and definitely cheaper than

decorating in a palette that doesn’t work! 

Additional time can be added once on site.


A colour consultation takes all the stress out of choosing colours for your walls, ceilings, woodwork and anything else you wish to paint.

Paint can make such a huge difference to the feel of a room and we are experts in making the best of your space and light.

I work with you to give you the look you wish to achieve.

And if I cant get to you, a zoom or email consultation is always an option!


Read some of our reviews to see what people say about the service.

No more struggling with a million paint pot samples



"During our refurbishment this was the best money spent and the most pleasurable moment during the build" BK

" I would never have chosen or been brave enough to go for the colours Flick Picked but i absolutely love them!"  AG

" Don't think i have ever spent a more worth while hour!" ST

Customer reviews

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